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Education of Spirit, Mind, and Body


The Catholic educational mission of Saint Ann School is to encourage all aspects of each individual child’s development, with particular emphasis on spiritual and intellectual growth. Saint Ann School provides the highest quality academic education within a caring, supportive Catholic/ Christian environment in which students experience a strong sense of community. Saint Ann School strives to develop a sense of social responsibility in each student through respect for life and dignity of everyone in the community.

Giving our teachers the tools necessary to go about their important work of shaping their students’ spiritual and academic minds is vital and continual at Saint Ann School. To enhance their abilities to translate the wonders of our faith to our students, our entire staff has devoted several days solely to spiritual retreat programs. To better assist in classroom strategies and learning development efforts, we have designated several days throughout the school year for professional development programs. This has sparked renewed study and creativity among our talented faculty and staff members as they incorporate new techniques in their classroom.

Saint Ann School believes in using a differentiated instructional approach in developing curriculum across grade levels and subjects. Our talented faculty strives toward creating learning programs that build on the strengths and interests of our students while challenging them to think and solve problems on a daily basis. This is accomplished through the use of ongoing assessments that identify strengths and areas of need to enable us to meet our students where they are and challenge them to move forward. Through our Resource Department, Gifted Student Program, and Honors Classes for middle school, Saint Ann School meets the needs of all of our students.

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