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Education of Spirit, Mind, and Body



More than ever at this time in our history, we need Catholic education for our children. It is often said that our children are the future. This is true because we want our children to live in a world of peace and prosperity.

How can we prepare our children for such a future which benefits both them and ourselves? Catholic education at St. Ann School is unique in that we can integrate a student’s educational experience with religious truth and values. This concept distinguishes St. Ann Catholic School from all other schools.

A child learns best in a safe, structured and nurturing environment. St. Ann Catholic School takes this fundamental philosophy and enhances the academic program with teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore the learning environment becomes a setting where academic, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth is realized with our faith community. That is why we say that St. Ann Catholic School is education of mind, body and spirit!

Students at St. Ann Catholic School learn that they are part of a much larger community. In this light, they learn that we must be of service to each other and to be part of a solution rather than be part of the problem. The Catholic school is a living testimony to the millions of Christians that Jesus is alive in his community and is continuing his promise to strengthen each of us “with the utter fullness of God.”

As part of a good well-rounded education, St. Ann School students come to understand the profound relationship between faith and culture. They are able to recognize the positive and negative elements in our world – to participate in the former and to resist the latter. The result of a Catholic education provides students with critical thinking skills, a love for learning and a true appreciation for family values, respect for one another and a determination to follow the Word of God.

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