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ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) – Standardized Testing

The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) is administered throughout the nation in private school settings. Catholic Schools in the state of Florida administer the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) to their students. The ITBS provides diagnostic information which can help identify students’ learning needs so that educators can better facilitate students’ learning. The tests are administered to students in 3rd through 8th grades in October and 2nd grade students in March. Standardized writing tests are given in grades 5 & 7.

At Saint Ann School, 27% of our students who took the ITBS scored in the upper 10% for the nation. Each grade level scored in the top 70% or better, well above the national average.

Duke TIP Program

Saint Ann School participates in the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP). Duke TIP offers a 4th and 5th grade talent search and a 7th grade talent search. These talent searches help gifted students and their families find out how advanced the students' abilities truly are. Traditional testing often fails to measure the variation among many gifted students who reach the upper limits of scoring on grade-level exams. By taking above-level (at least two years above a student's current grade placement) testing through Duke TIP's talent searches, gifted students and their families gain a far better understanding of where the student stands in relation to his/her gifted peers and what level of educational challenge is appropriate.

The 4th/5th Grade Talent Search gives students the opportunity to take the EXPLORE test which is designed for eighth graders; while the seventh graders get to experience the ACT or SAT college entrance exam.

Taking the SAT or ACT in seventh grade gives students a chance to practice and become familiar with the exams that play a major role in college admissions. Students' early experience with the college entrance exam is helpful in preparing them to take it in high school. All talent search participants receive resources and publications to assist the student's educational growth.

Students must achieve a 95% on the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) to be considered for Duke TIP. These students are in the top 5% in the nation. From Saint Ann School, Duke University identified 19 4th graders and 16 7th graders for TIP. Remarkably, 68% of the 4th grade class and 67% of the 7th grade class achieved test results that placed them in the top 5% of the nation.

Competitive Academic Opportunities

Scholar Bowl is the middle school version of the High School Academic Competitions and is designed to recognize Collier County’s academically talented middle school students. Teams from each of the participating schools compete against each other based on questions from the areas of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, current events and fine arts. This is not a game of trivia. The game format has the players competing to answer challenging four-point, short answer toss-up questions. A correct toss-up answer allows that team to attempt a more complex, eight-point bonus question. Each game has three rounds, with nine toss-up questions plus earned bonus questions in each round and a 20-point written team question at the end of round two.

Saint Ann School participates in the South Division of Scholar Bowl. The South Division includes: East Naples, Golden Gate, Gulfview, Manatee, Saint Ann Catholic School and Seacrest Country Day School.

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